What You Think of Me

“She’s so strong.”

“She’s so annoying.”

“She tells all her business.” 

“I didn’t think she would make it.”

“There’s always something wrong with her.”

“Poor girl.”

“She’s so troubled.”

“That’s what she deserved.”

“She’s so different now.”

“She’s confused.”

“She’s crazy.”

“I feel bad I wasn’t there for her.”

“She has too much going on.”

“She’s faking it all.”

“She wants attention.”

“She’s so smart.”

“She’s cute, but she’s fat.”

“She let herself go.”

“I bet she’s still messing with girls.”

“She just left her brother/family like that?”

“She wasn’t even there for her mom the way she claims.”

“She still ain’t found a job?”

“How is she making it right now?”

“That bipolar thing is just an excuse.”

“She’s too emotional.”

“How does she call herself a Christian and does XYZ?”

“I couldn’t care less.”

“She went to school and doesn’t have a career.”

“How does she do all this traveling with no job?”

“She’s probably living off insurance money.”

“She’s pathetic.”

“She’s admirable.”

“She’s Buddhist?”

“She’s so outspoken.”

“She has so much potential.”

“She’s alone.”

“She’s a charity case.”

“She’s funny.”

“She’s lame.”

“How is she ok?”

“I bet she’s lying.”

“She’s inconsistent.”

“She drinks too much.”

“She’s unproductive.”

“She’s not my problem.”

“She’s manipulative.”

“She’s motivational.”

“She could be doing XYZ.”

“She doesn’t need my help.”

“She’s intimidating.”

“Shes mean/rude.”

“She’s miserable.”

“How is she happy?”

“She’s a bitch.”

“She’s arrogant.”

“She cares too much/too little.”

“She’ll be a great/terrible mother.”

“She’s just like her mother/father.”

“That wasn’t even her real dad.”

“She’s stubborn.”

“She’s too independent.”

“Shes selfish.”

“Her life is a mess.”

Everything I think has been thought of me in life. We all care. We just don’t like to admit it. 


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