Half Asleep Prayer


  1. Renew my strength. Heal me in the broken places that I myself cannot reach or even notice are broken. Spare me, allow me to once again give you my life entirely. Give me the desire to seek you more. Help me restore my faith in you and in muself: my ambition, my desire for love and acceptance. Soften my heart that I’m able to receive the blessings you have for me without hesitation. Help me to hear you without doubt. Let your vice be clear and my soul be open. Rescue me from situations I have no business in or from things that are not like you. Cleanse my mind and my flesh so that I may feed my spirit. I desire to serve and praise you as I once did. When my mother became ill, my relationship with you gradually became ill as well. I’ve  become unhappy in many way since. I know I can’t do this without you. Bring me back in and give and give me your grace and mercy and inderatanding to honor the purpose you have for my life. Wake me up with a new mind and a new praise. Replace the sorrow with laughter. Amen 

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