I was a little crazy today. I’m not sure why. I had a couple outburst, got a little snappy with a couple people, and yes it was because of my bipolar disorder. However, that’s not that this is about. I just wonder when my friends get fed up with my shit, who do THEY go to to tell about it? You know what it’s like to vent to your friend or have them vent to you about someone who has hurt or frustrated them, but they’ve gotta have someone they talk to about you. 

What do they say? What do they feel? Would they ever tell me if it got to be too much? I care just enough to wonder. I feel like I know there was at least one, “Vonn is getting on my damn nerve” said today. Or a, “wtf”….and it’s not as if they don’t know, but I’m sure that doesn’t make me any less irritating during those times. I wonder what it’s like to be on the other side of being my friend. How difficult or hard can it be to stick around me with all that I struggle with on top of my own natural personality? Furthermore, what makes anyone stick around?



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