There’s a guy who works at the CVS by my house where I frequent because they have the best deals on cereal and makeup. His name is Christian. That’s all I know about him besides the fact that his smile makes me warm.

This post is extremely irrelevant, but I just need to share how I could be having the worst day ever….but then I’ll walk into that CVS, and he’ll smile that big, perfect, pearly white, where’ve you been all my life smile at me, and it makes everything better.

Christian’s an average white guy. I think his eyes are blue, they change sometimes. I know because we lock them every single time we speak and literally don’t separate them until I walk away. They’re gorgeous. The kind you get lost and forget your name in. He’s got a pretty fly beard too, but other than that, he’s your average Joe. We don’t hold any type of conversation, besides his obligatory, “How are you today?”, “Anything I can help you find?” “Will that be all for you today?” lol. But, I think it’s best that way. It keeps things innocent, juvenile and high school. It keeps me from having to find out if you’re a good guy or really a jerk…or if you have 6 kids and 8 baby mommas (yeah, I know what I said!)…or if CVS is your dream job and that’s all you want to do in life, or if the reason you’re there is because you’re a convicted felon and that’s the only job you could get. I wouldn’t judge him based on any of these things, of course, but they’re not date material and they’d taint my perfect image of him. So small talk and smiles is good.

The look? It’s not lusty. It’s not creepy. It’s not weird at all. He legit looks at me like I could be the love of his life…like I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen…like, “Girl, I’d have dinner ready, fresh flowers on the table, the house cleaned and rub your feet and back when you got off work…EVERYDAY, and I’d do it with a smile…but I’d also tear that ass up if you’d let me.” It’s a refreshing ass look.

But what’s crazy is that I look forward to seeing him when I go there. I’m never going FOR him, but when I pull up, I do “hope Christian is at work”, so I can get my dose of adoration and stolen glances from the guy who stocks my Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, lol. It’s quite ridiculous that at this time in my grown ass adult life that THAT’S what I have to genuinely look forward to approximately once a week or two.
…………..But, I’ll take it. I smile just as stupidly when I see him. And it’s not because I like him. I don’t know him, but what woman doesn’t want to feel like when she walks in a room, someone’s world stops? And so what if it’s between the box of maple oatmeal and chewy granola bars. These days I take my happiness where I can get it. I’m grateful for you, Christian. Thank you for making me feel like a woman.


One thought on “CVS

  1. This is awesome. Ive actually had the same encounter at a safeway grocery store. haha. but i def. feel you when you say it feels good to be looked at like that and to feel that happiness. 🙂

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