I think my baby would have been born today. I dreamt about her all night this would be 9 mos after conception. I lost her at 4. I know it was a her. God told me, and I dream about her all the time. You. Last night I saw your beautiful face. I held you so close against my chest after you were handed to me in my bed and I kissed you, every little finger and toe. I breast fed you and I could feel it as if you were really there. You had beautiful, soft jet black hair and light brown eyes like me and the cutest juicy lips and fat cheeks. You smiled a lot. I would have taken such good care of you, Babygirl. I’m so sad today that you’re not here. I cried for you. I know I’d been a wonderful mother to you. You mean the world to me even now. I can feel your love even tho you’re not here. I thank God for these moments, but it’s so hard.


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