I am Superwoman
I am cloaked in other people’s burdens
I wear a prayer cloth as my cape

I keep it on my left side chest pocket, hoping The Lord will “bless my heart” cuz I need it
I pray my prayers aloud, in my head and on paper so He don’t miss it; I repeat it
I hide my warm tears so my mama don’t see it
Cause if she does, all her pride, she’ll eat it in hopes I’ll delete it

Her pain, my memory, our sorrows
I carry them all with pride
It’s the struggle that’s kept this family alive
Thriving for a victory. I do my best to maintain their expectations.

I went to school and obtained an expensive piece of card stock with my name on it.
Put on the cap and gown, got the tassel and put a chain on it.
Had my family thinking we’d WON it

Made it to 23 with no babies
No criminal records
Constantly breaking family curses
But what’s worse is the mediocrity in the expectations I’m made to achieve…

So what tricks of the trade do I really have up my sleeve?
If to everyone else these are all generalities?

But to my family, I’m their ruler
My cousins think I’m cooler cuz
Sallie Mae bought me bought me this cool car
I just hope their dreams get them far
Meanwhile I was the guinea pig setting standards at a medium bar
But they think I’m a superstar


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