Power Trippin

We vibed hard as hell to this song the last night I saw you forever, do you remember?

“Well this has gotta be the longest crush ever, if I ever get to fck it’d be the longest bust ever. Love is a drug like the strongest stuff ever and…fck it I’m on one, you feel me?”

Did he just say “bust”?? I freaked out in my mind that what I once knew to be such a prim and proper, sophisticated, never miss a beat or make a mistake type of guy would use say the word BUST aloud in a rap song…but I allowed you to be yourself. In that moment, we made a connection we had never made before. You were you, and I was me. It was refreshing.

Something about that song always makes me think of you. It must of been the way that guitar strummed to the beat of our souls that yearned to escape our present situations and be free. Whenever I heard that song I thought about us and how we felt so imprisoned in our minds, in our jobs, in our homes even…how we truly just desired to be free, have fun and make money.

You were really my best friend. You kept me going in so many ways. I looked up to you, I valued your opinion, I never wanted to disappoint you…but if I did something wrong, you didn’t judge me, you whole-heartedly tried to understand, because you could relate to me. That’s what it was…we were relatives (lol).

I don’t know. I want to be mad at you so badly and I can’t because I realize you were only in my life for a season. I knew once we moved we’d never speak again. Marriage blows that way.

But those 9 months we spent together….who knew you’d change my life forever in them. Yes you’re attractive, smart, funny, ambitious, real…everything I’d want in a man and then some, but our friendship was so much more than that. You taught me how to breathe. I wish there was a way I could repay you for all the lessons, tough love, friendship and understanding you gave me….but I just thank God instead. I really love you…just in case I never get to speak to you again.


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