Anxious Peace

Tonight I feel that “anxious peace”…nothing is out of order or out of place. Everything and everyone is right where they’re supposed to be; which gives me peace but also makes me anxious. It’s either the calm before the storm or that moment right before a blessing arrives. I’m praying for the latter.

I’m so used to chaos that peace brings me slight discomfort. I haven quite grasped how to deal with the fact that technically nothing is wrong. No one I care for is terminally ill, homeless, abused, suicidal, etc. things that are usually occurring in my life. I’m living where I want to live, Im emotionally free, I’m surrounded by opportunities that I don’t even know how to take advantage of. My life, in this very moment is contented and ironically, it’s sort of driving me insane. I’m always preparing for the worst, but I think God is trying to teach me how to prepare for the best instead.


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