Helium Heart

With every single breath I take today, I feel as if I’m going to float into the sky and rest easy upon the stars with you waiting for me, ready to give me the galaxy because the world wasn’t big enough to right your wrongs.

However, my heavy thoughts keep me grounded and my feet planted firmly on the ground.

In the past, I allowed my heart to take me on adventures into oblivion; exploring a world of falsetto love songs that angels placed upon my heart. I’d find myself smothered gracefully in clouds of promises, hopes, dreams and talks of the future…and I loved every moment of it. I only came up for air to thank God above for blessing me with such a love like this. Your “I love you’s”, like the harps of Gabriel to my ears.

I could feel you piercing my soul with your eyes every time we made love…not only physically, but emotionally nude, exposing every inner turmoil, doubt, fear or lie I ever felt, thought or said. I allowed myself to be vulnerable with you. I allowed myself to let you in. I allowed myself, to you, myself.

And it was ok.
And I was in love.
And I had the galaxy.
And I had you.

But now, I just allow my heart to hover effortlessly over memories for a limited time only; constraining my lust for love to a mere prayer and hope that one day those falsetto love songs become baritone belts of adoration and praise from someone who worships my being second to the man above and treats me like his own Gabriel…and I will strum my harp for him in his ears.


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