The doors open.

I enter slowly, subconsciously holding my breath. I press my back against the far left wall, positioning myself for submission as you casually enter behind me and post up opposite me, feasting your autumn leaf green eyes on me and scanning my body as if you’re plotting an attack. I caress button number one for a quick one-stop flight, and the doors close, and In my mind, I become your love slave and suddenly you become a beast, charging toward me as the floor rushes beneath us. You place your hands in mind, lift my arms up and thrust them up against the wall, interlocking your fingers in mine. You slide the tips of your fingers down the palms of my limp hands and sink your teeth and lips gently yet aggressively into my neck, inhaling me….your hands forming around my curves and landing firmly in the crevice between my where my ass and my thigh meet and grip me hard. I let out a faint moan and before I can close my mouth again, your tongue meets mine. We are one as you’re pressed against me and then the movement stops. A bounce, a creak and you step away, straighten your tie and place your hands in your pockets and walk out of the door nonchalantly. I finally exhale and as I do, feel a rush of emotion between my thighs…

the best 15 seconds of my day.


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