Dating Tips: Embassies of Christ

These came from a singles meeting I went to at a church. I think they’re all quite valid!

1. Do not be unequally yoked
2 Cor 6:14

2. Put on the armor of God daily
Eph 6:10

3. Put obedience over passion-your flesh will ALWAYS fail you

4. Physical expression must be appropriate

5. Limits must be set mutually-keep mutual boundaries

6. Examine your personal motives

7. Is there too much physical and not enough other???

8. Less is better. If uncomfortable with any type of physical expression, don’t do it

9. Be guided by love vs lust

10. Allow the Holy Spirit to direct nd lead you

*If the wrong type of men keep approaching you, evaluate what you’re doing or what you’re wearing

*Dont compromise your Christianity to be cute

*Christians date to get married, not to waste time

*Only go on a second date if you were impressed with the first one

*Dont be afraid to ask questions

*Dont date with a broken heart

*If you believe you’ve found the one, don’t get married without premarital counseling

*Dont dummy down to date. You don’t have to settle

*Don’t try to change a man. It’s not your job to raise somebody else’s son to have a marriage.


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