Daily Bread

I love The Lord more than anything in my life. He has shown me so much grace and mercy throughout the years and proven himself worthy of all the glory, honor and praise time and time again through delivering me and setting me free from things that had me so bound I no longer wanted to live. God has changed my life in a way I never thought possible. He’s lifted my spirits, given me hope, peace, comfort, joy and allowed me to believe in myself once again. I have faith that is greater than ever before, a love that is unconditional for him and I won’t let anyone take away the feeling I have of God being the head of my life. At any point should I feel as though I’m losing myself, may The Lord remove me from the distraction and cast then out of my life. God, you are king and I am your child, which makes me royalty all the same. And for that, I will do whatever it takes to save your name. I will do my best to live for you and let my presence be living proof of your majesty wherever I go. That an aura of praise follows me in every path and every place I enter. I love you lord. You heard my cry when no one else did. God you are my everything and for you I give my life to serve your kingdom. Amen.


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